Early Master Sword Fun #2

Added: March,6th 2008
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Desciption: Here's another video of stuff you can do after you get the Master Sword early. If you haven't seen a video of that, you can see one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQF0s_el7nY Anyway, here are trick descriptions: Trick #1: Killing Ook as a wolf. Wolf graphics glitch up when Link grabs the Gale Boomerang. Trick #2: Dig into Jovani's house after restoring light to Lanayru to be able to enter the sewers. Once in the sewers, after the first part, there's no water and no chains, so you can go back to Wolf Link's cell (though if you do, you can't get back thanks to the spike bed and the lack of water). Two other things I didn't show are the fact that Midna doesn't let you warp (nothing happens if you select the option, which is there), and there's no tightropes or Midna jump points or enemies in the spiraling tower. Trick #3: I don't know why, but there are two Gorons on the second-to-last step up to Death Mountain. Only one will attack me, though. Trick #4: The golden wolf in front of the Forest Temple has nothing to say. Trick #5: Wolf Link can't knock down the second monkey in the Forest Temple after numerous jump attacks while human Link can do it after two, yet he can knock down a chest in the third monkey's room after one. Trick #6: Fighting King Bulblin (first time) as a wolf. It gets funny after he gets on the Eldin Bridge. Then comes the lancing. Due to being a wolf when it starts, it's actually possible to be off Epona during this. The fire doesn't hurt you, and killing King Bulblin too close to the edge of the bridge doesn't start the cutscene where he dies, so you get stuck on the Eldin Bridge while his boar runs back and forth across the bridge and have to reset or die to get out. Have fun!