Steven's Indoor Swimming Pool 4

Added: March,5th 2008
Rate: 4.96
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Desciption: Well here it is, Steven's Indoor Pool number 4. I have tried a few new things with this design, such as splitting the pool up into three separate buildings and a central access tower (where the changing rooms and showers are) This is also my first indoor pool to feature an Aqua-Blaster Slide. The buildings are connected using raised walkways. This pool is split into four sections, with the entrance in the central tower, and bridges connecting the other sections. The central tower also contains the access to the flumes. Just inside the main entrance (where the changing room is) there is a staircase that goes up to the first level. From this level, the other sections can be accessed, the two bath houses, and the building that contains the wave pool, aqua-blaster slide and flume landing-pools. The staircase continues up the tower to the flume entrances, where the four main flumes can be ridden down to the landing pools in the back-building. The two "bath-houses" at the front are mirror images of each other, apart from that, they are identical. Each house contains two large diving-boards, two spa-pools and an upper walkway that allows the peeps to travel between the buildings via the central tower. I have used a lot more of the adventure scenery in this design, especially the brick walls that make up the buildings. I thought that this would be an interesting change from my usual "generic" style. The four flumes are: Mercury (Blue) Excitement Rating -- 5.66 Intensity Rating -- 4.33 Nausea Rating -- 2.65 Mars (Red) Excitement Rating -- 5.57 Intensity Rating -- 4.74 Nausea Rating -- 2.63 Jupiter (Green) Excitement Rating -- 5.70 Intensity Rating -- 4.44 Nausea Rating -- 2.75 Venus (Yellow) Excitement Rating -- 6.22 Intensity Rating -- 4.87 Nausea Rating -- 3.07 Plus, there is an aqua-blaster slide called Artemis. Excitement Rating -- 6.23 Intensity Rating -- 5.21 Nausea Rating -- 3.29 And as usual, no custom scenery or cheats were used. Please tell me what you think?