Engine Stalled La Guancha

Added: March,3th 2008
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Desciption: Engine stalled at La Guancha; Ponce, PR. Emergency landing. I had to land far away plus I did not have sight of the airplane below 40 ft. The trees obstruct visibility below 40 ft. I did not know where the airplane was exactly, I though it was on final far over the water. I came to see the airplane again when there was less than 3 ft from the ground and caught me by surprise; I was looking at the water. So I pulled hard right on the last few feet to save the digital camera. Only the firewall was broken. Yes the prop was also saved. During the unexpected final approach I did not make alone I handle in the transmitter to God. I must point out that the tower hobbies engine is one of the best engines, I just filled half tank so the engine quitted (flight was longer than video). Thank you. After Google and YouTube, Agloco Will Be The Next Big Thing. Just Sign Up Now! Easy And Free Money With AGLOCO http://www.agloco.com/r/BBBL6081