Adventure Quest The Return of Stragath

Added: March,5th 2008
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Desciption: Adventure quest update. The Return of Stragath, the demon king. 4 cursed weapons Tongue of Stragath Limbus Blade Soul Leech Vampiric Axe They're powerful weapons but with deadly curses and severe drawbacks. For example, Soul Leech's special has a chance of killing you instantly. Limbus, Vamprici Axe and Tongue of Stragath drains your HP. The 6 monsters I fought before I got to Stragath were Curzard Grakma Archdemon Pzycho Fiend Demios Klubber, the Undead Dude Final Boss Stragath, Stragath's head FAQ (Frequently asked questions) so I don't have to answer the same questions over and over again. Q: What's your character page? A: Before you ask anything about weapons/items/armors/miscellaneous items, shields, pets/guests, spells. How to get them, where to get them, how much they cost. Check out the AQ Encyclopedia. It's the official adventure quest forum. It has detailed information on almost everything in the game. Below is the link: Q: How do I get a lot of gold and a lot of exp? A: By farming. Farming means doing the same quests over and over again. You need to be patient and persistent. Don't give up easily. And don't expect to gain 500k gold in one day because it's impossible. If you don't have the patient, then don't expect to get any ultimate equipments any time soon. Q: What's the best place to farm? A: Check out this great guide from adventure quest forum. It consts of all the popular farming spots. Pick the one you like the most Q: What are the best spells in the game and where to get them A: Fire: Frost Elf Attack (4000 z-tokens from z-token shop), Mega Inferno; (Guardian tower) Ice: Ice Nine; (Warlic's advanced shop) Earth: Earth Fury (Guardian Tower) Water: Riiiptide (Talk like a pirate day) Energy: MegaShock (Guardian Tower) Light: Supernova (3800 z-tokens from z-token shop), Illuminate Ultra (Warlic's advanced) Darkness: DarkSplatter (1000 z-token from z-token shop) Wind: Brilhado Feather (level 85 version). Deep lake Q: What are uber armors/weapons/shields/pets and where do I get them? A: Ubers in adventure quest mean on top of the line, Best of the best. There are currently 5 uber sets in game. Golden armor (700k gold): Superior overall defense and elemental resistances, crappy offense, only good for spell spamming or spell casting. A mage's dream armor. However, this armor is currently rare. You can't get it anymore. You can get the lesser version "Gilded Plate" (400k gold) in yulgar's paladin shop. Least version: Pyrite Plate (100k gold) Reign armor (700k gold): Superior offense but weak in water, wind, ice , earth, darkness. Strong in Fire, energy and Light. Lesser version: Heir Plate; (400k gold) Least version: Scion Plate (100k gold) Shadow cloak (700k gold): Mediocre offense, superior defense in darkness but weak to light. I recommend you to buy this armor first if you're a mage. Lesser version: Umbral Cloak (400k gold); Least version: Penumbral Cloak (100K gold) Nemesis armor (700k gold): Mediocre defense, mediocre offense. A hybrid armor of Reign plate and Shadow Cloak. It's a great choice for a first uber but when you get reign plate and shadow cloak, you'll no longer need this armor anymore. Lesser version: Deimos Plate (400k gold); Least version: Phobos Plate (100k gold) Asgardian Armor (1.5 million gold): Some call it the "God of all uber armors" This is the first ever "Epic" Armor. Full power unlocks at level 120. This armor has superior reistances in wind, water, ice, energy but relatively weaker resistances in other elements. In terms of offense, it does more damage than Reign plate but not until you're level 120. This armor can be found after completing the Thunder Moutain Challenge (Travel Map - South - Thunder Mountain) Lesser version: Valhallan Plate (700k gold); Least version: Thunder Plate (400k gold) Q: How do I complete the Alnaphar Quest? It's like a maze!! Reign Tree part 1 Reign Tree part 2 Shadow Quest part 1 Shadow Quest part 2 Q: What are the best weapons of each element? Check out the equipment comparison for these questions Fire: Water: Energy: Ice: Darkness: Light: Wind:� Earth: