Coyotes with rifles

Added: February,26th 2007
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Desciption: Gentlemen, These pictures are from last Thursday night west of the Trico Gate. A group of about 12 came in behind us through a heavy mesquite thicket around midnight. The group sat down and these two guys climbed the fence onto a ranch property. The wandered around for a while and then came back toward the group. We were probably about 100 yards south of them. They must have heard something because the stood staring in our direction for about 5 minutes. It wasn't until I played the video back that I noticed that both of these guys had rifles. You can clearly see one guy bending over to pick up a rifle and hand it to the other guy. Then the guy bends over again and picks up his own rifle and they go out of sight. Also, the pictures of these guys out in the open on the ranch property shows them both holding something long and black (cold). If the still photographs don't convince you these guys have rifles, the .mpg video will do the trick. We called the BP, and when they showed up, these two guys bailed. They were obviously the guides and the first sign of trouble, they left the group to fend for themselves. That's why they call them "pollos". The BP ran across the stranded group a couple of hours later walking up Trico road. No "quailing".... they were cold, lost and ready for a warm ride on the "Wackenhut Express" back to border to do it all over again. They are probably in Chicago by now. There is also a picture of a group of 4 out behind the ranch house and water tower.... the BP got those guys also. By the way, doesn't the ranch house look like its giving off tremendous amount heat ? Could it be the ranch house is really a "pot farm" ??? Hmmmmmmmmm.... just thinking out loud. As far as I know, these guys were guiding a group of aliens.... not carrying drugs. Never the less, they were still carrying weapons.... probably because of all the "alien hijacking" going on. I wonder what the National Guard would have done if the ran onto these guys 60 miles north of the border ???? ....retreat to Tucson so as to avoid a confrontation !!?? Hmmmmmmmm..... Needless to say, we (and the Border Patrol) need to be more cautious out there.....Bush's "hard working people" are getting desperate !