Donkey Kong Land 2 - Toxic Tower

Added: March,5th 2008
Rate: 4.86
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Desciption: Argh, I HATE this level. This is the hardest level in the entire game. Unlike the Toxic Tower in DKC2, the animal barrel order is different -- this time, you start out with Squitter, then Rattly and Squawks. Squitter is a lot harder to control in this game -- to make web platforms, you must press B and then Select. This part alone took me many tries to be able to do quickly. The Rattly part is easier -- it has less Zingers, and by the time you get there, the toxic water isn't as much of a threat. The Squawks part is easier then the DKC2 variation, as there are no red Zingers. The speedrun took me at least 50 times to do right, and that's not an exaggeration. And there are still a few mistakes here and there...