the bigest tower in the World-Makkah

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Desciption: soonابراج البيت بمكة عبارة عن ٧ ابراج متصلة ببعضها(هناك معلومات تفيد بوجود برجين اضافية غير معلنة)واعتبرت اضخم برج في العالم واحدى اطولها بارتفاع ٥٧٩ متر والابراج هي الصفا،المروى،هاجر،زمزم،مقام،صاوة،البرج الملكي من الحقائق المتعلقة بالمشروع -تحتوي على اطول ساعة في العالم ولفظ الجلالة -عمليات الانشاء مستمرة ٢٤ ساعة -مساحة البناء مليون واربعمئة الف متر مربع -يمكنها استبعاب ٣٥ الف شخص لحظة اكتماله -يحتوي المشروع ايظا على مركز تجاري،متحف،مرصد فلكي،مركز للابحا الفلكية ،مركز طبي،٩٠٠ موقف سيارات،١٥ موقف للحافلات،٣٣ الف مصلى اضافي،٣٨٥ مصعد، واخيرا ٥٣ الف متر كعب من الماء ----------------------------------------------------- ABRAJ AL BAIT 7 towers +(2 not announced yet) Connecting together in base، one tower was completed and people live on it but the other towers still under constriction. SEE THE RENDER!!! -------------------------------- here towers list: *Safa Tower: 28 floors 240 m *Marwah Tower: 28 floors 240 m *Hajar Tower: 35 floors 260 m *ZamZam Tower: 35 floors 260 m *Maqam Tower: 45 floors + Helicopter Pad 240 m *Sarah Tower: 45 floors + Helicopter Pad 240 m *Hotel Royal tower +60 floors 579m ----------------------------------------------------- here Quick facts from the articles: -The world's tallest clock tower will be built as part of the project. -The visistors to Mecca from outside the kingdom are around 6 million a year. -Abraj Albait is one of the largest construction projects in the World. -It is considered the largest building in terms of build-up space. -The project area is about 1.4 million square meters. - It Consists of 7 conjoined towers. - Thetotal investments in the projects are SR 6 billion ($ 1.6 billion). -Two of the towers (Marwah & Safa) are almost complete and the other five are under construction. -The construction at the site is going on 24 hours. -In addition to the seven towers, the project also consists of a shopping mall, a museum, Astronomical research and monitoring center, two helicopter pads, medical center, 900 cars parking, 15 bus stops, 33,000 people prayer areas, 385 elevators, 53,000 cubic meter water tanks. -The height of the hotel tower is 579 m. -The project will host about 35,000 people when complete.