Flat Stanley Visits Chicago!

Added: March,4th 2008
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Desciption: To Jake in Pittsburgh from Uncle Scott in Chicago! There is so much to see in Chicago. Flat Stanley picked some of his favorite places to show you in the video. Here is some more information about the pictures that you will see: 1) Chicago Skyline -- This is the Chicago skyline as seen from Lakeview, a neighborhood north of Chicago. 2) Wrigley Field -- Home of the Chicago Cubs! 3) Shed Aquarium -- Yes, there are whales in Chicago! 4) Harry Caray Statue -- Harry Caray was the famous announcer for the Cubs. 5) Wrigley Field - This shows the inside of the park that is currently under renovation -- next year is the Cubs year! 6) Chicago Fire Truck -- Flat Stanley is on the grill! 7) Chicago Neighborhood -- This is a typical street in one of the neighborhoods of Chicago. Chicago is a large city with a 'small town' feel. 8) Lincoln Park Zoo -- We have a great zoo located right in Chicago -- and it is free to go to! 9) State Street -- That "Great Street" runs through downtown Chicago. 10) Deep Dish Pizza -- Chicago invented the deep dish pizza -- a couple of slices will fill you up. 11) Jogging and Bike Trail -- This trail follows the lake for miles. It's packed in the summer time. 12) The 'El' -- The 'El' is the commuter train that runs above and under the ground. 13) Durkins -- This is just one of the places to watch the Steelers in Chicago! 14) Buckingham Fountain -- One of the largest fountains in the world. This fountain holds 1.5 million gallons of water! 15) The Art Institute -- You can see over 300,000 works of art in this place! 16) Bride & Groom -- K-I-S-S-I-N-G ;-) 17) The Field Museum -- Inside here you can see Sue -- the largest, most complete, best preserved T.rex dinosaur in the world! 18) Soldier Field -- Home of the Chicago Bears! 19) Millennium Park -- In the summer, water shoots out of the guy's mouth -- and the faces keep changing to different people that live in Chicago. 20) Millennium Park Skating Rink -- Better than Rockefeller Centers! 21) "The Bean" -- A great art sculpture to see in Millennium Park. 22) Pritzker Pavilion -- In the summer, this is home of the Grant Park Music Festival, the nations only remaining free outdoor classical music series. 23) Chicago Trolley -- A great way to see 'Chitown'. 24) Michigan Avenue -- Just after the Holiday Lighting Ceremony. 25) Disney Store -- This is just one of the many stores on Michigan Avenue that has great shopping. 26) Chicago Hot Dogs -- Pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes & hot peppers on your Hot Dog -- it's a Chicago thing! 27) Cowboy -- He might look like a statue -- but he is a real man! 28) Street Performers -- You will always be entertained on Michigan Avenue. 29) The John Hancock Center -- The building's exterior cross-bracing was a first in Chicago. This is a super place to get a great view of the city. 30) The Water Tower -- Constructed in 1869, this was one of the only buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire. 31) Tribune Tower -- This building has stones included in the walls from the Great Pyramid, Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and over 130 other famous places! 32) Wrigley Building - Home of the Wm Wrigley Company -- they make the gum you're chewing! 33) The Dark Horse -- Watch Penn State or the Steelers here -- in the summer they fly a Pittsburgh Pirates flag! 34) Horse & Carriage -- This is a great way to see Michigan Avenue. 35) The Chicago Mercantile Exchange -- The world's largest and most diverse financial exchange. 36) Bride & Groom -- Another happy Chicago couple! 37) Chicago River -- In 1900, the people in Chicago reversed the flow of this river! 38) Downtown -- Home of the some of the best companies in the world! 39) Sears Tower -- The tallest building in North America! 40) Sears Tower -- A view of Lake Michigan -- the 5th largest lake in the world! 41) Sears Tower -- A view of the northern part of downtown 42) Another Flat Stanley!!! -- We met another Flat Stanley at the top of the Sears Tower. This Flat Stanley was from Cochranton Elementary School in Cochranton, Pennsylvania! We had so much more to see in Chicago but ran out of time. Next time Flat Stanley comes we will go to Edison Field (home of the Chicago White Sox), the Museum of Science and Industry, the first American Girl store, and Navy Pier! There is so much to see in Chicago! Come back soon Flat Stanley -- and bring Jake!!!