Roots of Rancid

Added: March,5th 2008
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Desciption: Rancid Fans: Ever wonder about where Rancid is from? In this video we give you a short musical tour of their homes and the places they sing about in their songs, presented in "Where the Hell is Matt" style over the song "Roots Radicals". Hope you enjoy it! Explanations for the locations: (Songs mentioning the places in this video): "Took the 60 bus out of downtown Campbell" -Roots Radicals "The old men from El Cerrito who talk about their picks" -GGF (Golden Gate Fields, also seen in video) "On the 43 bus as we climb up the hill" -Roots Radicals "For money she's walking down on Larkin" -Tenderloin "I always end up back on the hill, looking down at the landfill" -As Wicked (Referring to Albany Hill) "At the station, Daly City train" -Daly City Train "Down in Oakland, off of West Grand" -Sidekick "Come into the Union district, drive down on Sharmon Palms" -Nihilism "The center of the universe was a street called Sharmon Palms" -Ben Zanotto "Follow the BART tracks to Harmon street ahhh Harmon street" -Sad But True (Transplants) "In the dark with the Oakland skyline" -Another Night (Yes, we purposely got this shot in the dark) "You go to Ashby down to Adeleine" -Sad But True (Transplants) (Other stuff about the video and Rancid): Campbell California, a suburb of San Jose, is Lars Frederiksen's hometown. Albany California, a suburb of Oakland, is Tim Armstrong's hometown. Lars Frederiksen went to Westmont High School. The Campbell water tower is pictured in the CD insert in the first Lars and the Bastards CD. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. This is what the "Daly City Train" is referring to. The hill (mentioned in a lot of Rancid songs) is referring to Albany Hill. Taco Bravo is a Mexican fast food restaurant in Campbell. It can be seen on one of the Lars and the Bastards promotional videos. 924 Gilman street in Berkeley, CA is the venue where Rancid started out, and although not mentioned in the song, Spirit of '87 is about 924 Gilman Street. And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed it. Dancing: Squeak Camera and Editing: Tim Thanks: Joey and Eric G