The Reason- A Kish and Ichigo Tribute

Added: March,6th 2008
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Desciption: Woot! I got it done! I finally got it done! After Movie Maker spazzed/froze over 20 times I finally got it done. Well anyways, this is obviously a Kish and Ichigo Tribute...gosh I've said that four times already. (title, in here, on the AMV twice) It describes how if Kish changed his attitude from Pervy to nice. The reason would be Ichigo. Before you tell/ask me the following things read this. 1. Yeah I know ALOT of fading. I got critisism from my friends about that. I can't have the dude singing it talking about how he wants to change and have some spiffy fast fighting scene with colourful flashes in it! Makes no sense whatsoever. 2. Long clips? Yeah....Slow moving song...and Kish partially mouths the words in it. 3. Repeated clips? None. It may looks like that. Especially the water tower scenes. I just chopped it up into different scenes for different parts. Maybe there is ONE clip that was repeated. And I have ALOT of clips from Episode 51, 39, and 31 (I think) Credits song? Naruto 3rd opening theme. The beginning theme is Butterfly.