Animaniacs - Nighty Night Toon

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Desciption: NIGHTY-NIGHT TOON transcription (Episode 1) Background music by Carl Johnson. Words by Nicholas Hollander. Voice : Nighty-Night Toon Inside the water tower room There was a log flume And a picture of a big baboon. And three little toons Acting like goons. Yakko : I'm Yakko. Wakko : I'm Wakko. Dot : And I'm cute! Voice : A dog and a cat Runt : Cat? Where's a cat? Voice : And a big-headed rat Brain : I'm a mouse, not a rat Voice : And two hippos who are incredibly fat. Marita: Flavio, are we actually fat? Flavio: No, my delectible. We are simply bigger than life itself. Mwah! Voice : And in this room And in this verse Are Dr Scratchansniff And... Y+W : ...Hello, Nurse! Voice : And three Goodfeathers Who... Squit : ...stick together! Pesto : What do you mean by that? You think I'm sticky? You saying I'm some kind of gooey stick bun here for your breakfast enjoyment? Is that what you're saying? Squit : No, I'm just saying-- Pesto : That's it!!! [pow, crack] Here's your sticky bun! I got your sticky bun right here! Squit : Ow! Come on! Knock it off! Voice : And Mindy and Buttons Are snuggled in bed Along with a fellow Named Mr Skullhead. And an old squirrel lady In cap and nightgown Sits in her rocker and says Slappy: Hey, pal, pipe down! Voice : Oh, er, right. Well then... Nighty-night, room Nighty-night, toons Nighty-night, log flume With the big baboon. Nighty-night, dog Nighty-night, cat Runt : I do smell a cat, but where's it at? That rhymes. That definitely rhymes. Voice : Nighty-night, hippos Marita: We're big-boned, not fat. Voice : Nighty-night, big-headed laboratory rat. Brain : I am not a rat. I'm a mouse! [BLAM!] Oh, drat. Pinky : Oh, that rhymes too, Brain. Oof. Voice : Nighty-night, Doctor And... Y+W : ...goodnight, Nurse! Voice : Nighty-night, pigeons Who constantly curse. Pesto : [pow, thud] Pasta da (?)! Fettucini al fredo! Squit : Come on! What'd I do? What'd I do? Knock it off! Come on, hey, come on! Pesto : I got your sticky bun! Here's your sticky bun! Voice : Nighty-night, Buttons Under the bed Along with his friend Mr Skullhead. Nighty-night, squirrel lady In nightgown and cap Slappy: For crying out loud Will you button your yap? Voice : Nighty-night, water tower Nighty-night, lot Nighty-night, Yakko Wakko and Dot. Nighty-night, people everywhere Yakko : And nighty-night, Wakko's underwear! ----------------------- Yakko Wakko Dot Pinky and the Brain Slappy Squirrel Rita and Runt Buttons and Mindy Chicken Boo Flavio and Marita Katie Ka-Boom Goodfeathers Minerva Mink