NFS Carbon - Taking down Angie

Added: March,5th 2008
Rate: 5.00
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Desciption: Here we go...the first boss race in the game, assuming you chose the Camaro during the intro. Then after that we get to meet Samson who says things weren't what they seemed in that last big race you were in. He's also the handiest wingman in the game, considering you get a 10% bonus in prize money for every race he participates in. I decided to cut out most of the race in the city for a reason. See, if you watch carefully, you may notice that Angie crashed into a barrier pretty early on in the race. Then shortly after that I used the water tower pursuit breaker to slow her down even more. Never saw her again after that. Since it was kind of dull, I figured I'd just move us towards the end to get rid of the boring stuff.